R-eal on M! Super Concert!!^0^

R-eal is a new Korean male group!! ^^

They haven’t debut yet…
But they planned to debut in Japan first!!!

Below is their introductions…………..

안순용 Ahn Soon Yong
Stage name: Yoon.
Age: 26 [krn age] [25 western age]
Position: Leader
– mysterious, reserved aura
– R-eal’s cool leader

전창현 Jun Chang Hyun
Stage name: Changhyun
Age: 21 [Krn age] [20 western age]
Position: Umma, Rapper
– bright, kind, smart aura
– wanted to become a chef when he grew up

박진웅 Park Jinwoong
Stage name: Jinwoong
Age: 21[krn age] 20 [western age]
Position: Mood Maker, Vocal
– He is born in Japan.

황인석 Hwang In Seok
Stage name: Inseok
Age: 21[krn age] 20 [western age]
Position: Dancer
– Before being recruit as a member, he is known as an Ulzzang.
– cute and innocent aura
– “he may look like a bright and happy little kid, but inside, he’s very deep.”

박상일 Park Sang Il
Stage name: Sangil
Age: 19[krn age] 18 [western age]
Position: Youngest Member, Lead Vocal
– Was Also an Ulzzang [same with Inseok]
– He loves dog

What does R-eal Stands for?..
Answer: It is just what it is: the truth. As the ‘genuine kpop’, we want to show our ‘R-eaL’ self.

The clip is about their performance on M! Super Concert!!
Their song called “Make Love”……
It’s a nice song!!! LOVE it!! ^0^



~ by jaeyuin on July 3, 2008.

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