Read this.. For all SNSD AF and SNSD fans..

This was written by a korean ELF, about her encounter with Tiffany SNSD.

{This was translated from Korean to English to Thai and to English again, sorry for any misunderstanding}

English Translations By Translated by Katty4495

Taken from: zenya@blogshop

Thai Translations By babycute@suju-hwiting

Credit : hiro @ GG-TH

 I traveled from Jeollanamdo to the SM entertainment building hoping to see Suju. While I am walking around in front of the building, I see Tiffany standing there. I looked at her, and then she smiled at me. Right then, I thougt it was such a dreadful smile, I remember it clearly, her disrespectful words towards everyone. I looked at her with hatred in my eyes and looked away without smiling back. Then there’s 2 guys ran at me and I fell to the ground. The glass that contains water in my hand spilled all over me. I thought meanwhile, Tiffany would stand there and laugh at me.. but no. I saw her ran inside the building and came out with napkins, and handed it to me. I received it without looking at her, and then she dust down the dirt on my knee. I asked her aren’t you mad at me for the way I acted? She said No, right now there’s a lot of people who dislike me but then it’s all my fault, I didn’t mean to say anything I said, and really didn’t know. And I am still not used to Korean culture. In America, we can play with elders like friends, next time I will be more careful. When she’s done, she smiled with the same smile but this time it feels more delicate, the sadness in her eyes made me felt really bad..

I personally felt that no matter which artists, they have their pride too…

Being disliked by others, the feeling is not good too..

But it depends on you…whether u like them or not…

I am SNSD, TVXQ and Super Junior’s fan too..

So i like them very much!! ^0^


~ by jaeyuin on July 6, 2008.

10 Responses to “Read this.. For all SNSD AF and SNSD fans..”

  1. oh…yeah…right…

  2. On one hand I’m ashamed to be an ELF when they act like this on the other hand I’m glad that the encounter made that ELF like SNSD. Whether this encounter was true or not it still shows that the girls are still human…they don’t deserve all this negativity towards them. ELF please be more mature with your actions and be above this negativity because right now it just makes us look like whiny prepubescent sore losers. ashamed i tell you ashamed

  3. Yeah right, So Tiffany was just standing in front of SM?
    Maybe she had nothing else to do and she was bored. -_-
    We can make a movie out of that.

  4. To sara:

    Are u an E.L.F too?? 🙂

  5. interesting… I like tiffany.. but sorry to say this but its kinda unreal… why was she waiting beside the sm building?? but if u say its real, then there is no reason to say its not..

  6. sry, i don’t know about this…

    My friend sent this to me!! ^^

    and Tiffany is not waiting there…

    but just when the girl walking around SM Buiding and she saw Tiffany standing there…

  7. Hahaha maybe shes a wannabe niec person maybe
    we don’t know her in rl.
    but the way she does to get attention, e.g. like rolling heir skris up is kinda bad

    shes probably a nice person now.
    but who cares

  8. Snsd is the worst..!! I think u’re just lying about tiffany. She’s not as nice as what u say..!!

  9. Wonder Girls own so nyuh shit
    i’m tired of those fake skanks.. i think tae yeons alright i saw a pic of her linking arms with Sun Mi!!

    this “letter” is such a fake, so damn obvious -__-

  10. Like my friends say, Tiffany is not a good person. Because she loves to act cut and her words are really harsh.
    But no matter how, i still liked her and taeyeon. I still like Tiffany out of her ”harshness” that people say she was.
    Because i believe shes not that harsh and if she is, shes just like how i used to be. and i know, these people, sometimes they dont realize that they are speaking things with great rudeness.

    and i have been wondering, why none of SM entertainment artists never come to Singapore to perform at all? a friend told me that Singapore has problems with them but still, its rumours. so anyone noe why? email me please, thanks

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