SM Summer Concert!! ^0^

Summer is around the corner!! ^^

SM Entertainment will be holding SM Summer Concert in Shanghai 8 million people Gym.

Name list of artists who will be participating SM Summer Concert:-

~TVXQ~ ~CSJH~ ~Super Junior~ ~SNSD~ ~The TRAX~

~BoA~ ~Jang Ri In~ ~Xsu Hyeon Jin~ ~Isak~ ~Henry~

Most probably there will be 45 artists of SM Entertainment joining……..
The concert will be conducted for 5 hours, each group get to sing 5 songs.

Time: 13 September 2008 (7.30pm)

Source: xiuface
Translation Credit: x_wenjaes_x
Credit: TVfXQForever
Source Finder: xsoulwindx

I wonder why SHINee is not in the list…..I want them to perform too…TT

Henry is gonna perform too…i bet he will play his violin on stage….


~ by jaeyuin on July 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “SM Summer Concert!! ^0^”

  1. annyeong, zze…

    nice blog ne… keep the gud work… uwaaaa, where my SHINee??? SM really pissed me… zze, i’ll support u… hwaiting!!!! ur hyebinnie…

  2. THX Hyebinnie!! ^^

    For visiting my blog!!

    I will keep it up!!

    I will update this if SHINee is in the list…

    So wait for it!! ^_^

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