Heechul the pretty boy!! ^^

Heechul the pretty boy from Super Junior is celebrating his 25 years old birthday yesterday!! ^^

But i just manage to send this birthday post today because this few days i am too busy…TT

Anyway, Saengil chukahamnida, Heechul!! ^^

Heechul is my favourite member in Super Junior!! I like his pretty smile!! ^^

Heechul FIGHTING!! ^0^

Below are all the video clips about Heechul including his shows, two birthday tributes and some funny clips!! ^0^

English subbed



Happy Birthday Heechul!!! (10th July 2008)



Heechul Choking


Heechul on MC mong Radio 071105 Cut


Star King #17 – Kim Hee Chul Sonata of Temptation Dance


New Xman #18 – Kim Heechul Star Battle Performance


Evil Heechul Cuts on Kangin Vs. Eunbi Happy Shares


Super Junior(hee chul) playing the paino and singing


Happy Birthday Heechul!! =) 080710


~ by jaeyuin on July 11, 2008.

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