JYP New Male Group: 2o’clock!! ^^ Subgroups: 2AM and 2PM

JYP has been working hard on creating a new male group these past couple of months, and the group is making their debut today, July 11.

The group, which was known as “Hot Blood”, had their very own documentary aired on Mnet and showed the struggles that all of the members had to go through while training. Their training literally was like a boot camp.

As stated earlier, the group used to be named “Hot Blood” but it has been changed to “2 O’Clock”. There were originally 13 members, but Mr. JYP cut down the number to 10 members (oh, how I hate cuts).

Since the group is so large, JYP will be making two subgroups called “2AM” and “2PM”. One group, 2AM, will specialize in singing while 2PM will focus on rapping and dancing.

Today 2AM will be making their anticipated debut. The four members of this subgroup are Jo Kwon, Im Seulong, Jung Jinwoon, and Lee Changmin. All of the members range from age 17-21, with Jinwoon being the youngest.

This debut is a special one for member Jo Kwon, for he has been the longest trainee JYPE has ever had for 7 years and 10 days. That sure is a long time!

I just downloaded their single around 2:09am (haha) and here I am writing about them… at 2am. Okay, I’m done with my stupid word games.

Their first single is titled “이노래 [This Song]” which includes three songs and two instrumentals. I think the boys have very nice voices and I like the songs, although the songs are pretty slow. Track 03 “어떡하죠 [Eoddeokhajyo]” is my favorite since it is more upbeat. I’m excited for 2PM’s debut because I like more of the members in there and am a fan of rappers, hehe. I’m too tired right now to write a review on their single, so why don’t you go and check it out yourself. I think it is worth a listen.


Below is their personal profile that been taken from soompi!! ^^

AND on 11 July 2008, 2AM (subgroups 1) debuted in KBS Music Bank and performing their title track song “This Song”!! ^^ Congratulations!!

Below is 2AM Group picture and their debut stage performance!! ^^




~ by jaeyuin on July 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “JYP New Male Group: 2o’clock!! ^^ Subgroups: 2AM and 2PM”

  1. i’ve heard this name before but don’t bother to check.. thanks for your info =)

  2. ah, you left out junho. 😦

  3. Oops, sry!! ^^

    can’t find their pics, so i didn’t put!!


  4. oho.. kim junsu..changmin.. junho.. where did I heard it before.. *thinking really hard* omo.. similar like those in DBSK… lol.. but I’ll give them some time to prove themselves.

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