Eeteuk phoned Onew on Sukira Radio!! ^^

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Eeteuk phoned Onew on Sukira Radio for his mission!! ^^

Eeteuk’s mission is to get the word “cute” from Onew!! haha…

Onew said that SHINee practise for their live until three in the morning…

I hope they will get enough sleep then!! ^_^

English subbed



SHINee Mnet Japan K-Pop Zone Interview!! ^^

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SHINee Mnet Japan K-Pop Zone Interview on 1 July 2008.

SHINee talk a lot about themselves in this interview.

They said that TVXQ, Super Junior and SNSD gave them advices before and after their debut!! ^^

Their parents even knowing their debut two weeks ago!! 0o0

Their friends also shocked when they debut in SBS Inkigayo.

So lets go to know more about them!! ^_^

English subbed


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

SHINee Interview posts!! ^^

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SHINee MBC Everyone Magazine interview and DC New Message from SHINee!! ^^

I like Taemin’s smile when he is requested to show his charm to viewers!!

He is too cute!! XDD

and Onew said that their target is not only noona but all people who loves their musics.

Although i am their dongsaeng (younger to all of them), but still give them my support as many as well compare to noona fans!! ^0^

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SHINee MBC Everyone Magazine

DC New Message from SHINee

SHINee ETN ET Diary Idol World

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This is a short interview of SHINee.

SHINee really has good voices!! ^^

Like all of them!!

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SHINee CBS-R Interview

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SHINee really gains new popularity nowadays with their song “Noona You’re Pretty”!! ^^

They even have their fans from Japan!!

I am also very proud to be their fan too..^_^

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SHINee Mnet Wide News

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Noonas, look here!! ^^

SHINee is appearing on Mnet Wide News!!
KEY is the mother for SHINee!! He cares the most to his members!! ^_^
And many people nowadays have their bowl-cut to their hair like Taemin!!
But i think his hair cut suits him best!! ^^

English subbed


Wonder Girls Sun Mi has a “Big” Fan!! ^0^

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Anyone for WonderBang? The Wonder Girls were recently featured in an M.Net Wide News coverage of this year’s summertime comebacks. First up was Wonder Girls versus Tae Yang of Big Bang.

During the Wonder Girls’ interview, the M.Net host shared that while he was in Big Bang’s car, they played the So Hot single to no end. Ye Eun declared, “Tae Yang might like our music, but really, his manager is a great fan of Sun Mi’s!”

The screen then cut to a clip from the April shooting of Big Bang’s Baskin Robin’s commercial. G-Dragon and TOP teased their manager for being a bigger fan of the Wonder Girls – more so, Sun Mi – than Big Bang. They also revealed embarrassing details about the fanboy. In addition to having a Wonder Girls ring-tone (at the time), and listening to infectious Wonder Girls music all day, he also had about fifty pictures of Sun Mi on his desktop, according to G-Dragon. TOP added: “His computer’s password hint was ‘my love’… I typed in ‘Sun Mi’, and it worked!”

Credit: asianfanatics

Wow, Big Bang’s manager is Sun Mi’s fan!! ^^
But it’s not that surprised though…
Sun Mi is really cute and lovely!!

and i found self-cam pictures of Yoo Bin in the Harry Potter outfit!!
She looks more like teacher….^_^
Below is the pic!!